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Sponsorship Information and Acknowledgements

We from the Texoma Dog Ranch Rescue would like to reach out to you to ask for your patronage and support in our goal to rescue and care for abandoned and rescued dogs from various places in the city. However, we are sad to announce that lately, with the decline in the economy, fewer and fewer people have been able to donate to our rescue. It means that the animals in our care could be affected in getting the proper care for their individual medical and other needs.

These animals deserve a good home, and by donating to us, you are directly helping them recover from all the trauma they have experienced. We at Texoma Dog Ranch Rescue accept donations through PayPal or check and all donations can be counted on your taxes, but we must be honest and state that we do need quite a bit of money to be able to meet the medical needs of our animals in the rescue. By donating to this cause, you will be thanked and acknowledged through our webpage and social media pages if you desire and approve. We want people to know who you are and help get your business noticed for its support.

Donations may be done straight from our webpage.

 Here are some sponsorship/donation suggestions:

One dog adoption fee donation $80 one-time donation

Five dogs adoption fee donation $400 one-time donation

Ten dog adoption fee donation $800 one-time donation

Monthly dog food donation $100 monthly

Monthly dog medical care donation $200 monthly

Or you may donate a one-time or monthly donation of your choice, any amount helps!!


 Thank you to these businesses/individuals who have sponsored us within this past year.

                   We appreciate you!!